Meet Terry Lyn

My name is Terry Lyn Evans. My dream of becoming a midwife was fulfilled in 2002. Since that time I have had the privilege of being a part of the team at Pacific Midwifery Practice and became a practice owner in 2008. I have been involved with the College of Midwives for many years working toward ensuring the best care for childbearing families in British Columbia.  I am also an Associate Clinical Professor in the Facility of Medicine/ Department of Midwifery at UBC, you will often see midwifery students involved in your care. 

My journey toward becoming a midwife began when I was 12 years old and loved to look after babies. This passion led me first to a degree in Nursing from UBC then a degree in Midwifery from England. I provided nursing care to women and their families for 10 years at Women's Hospital in Vancouver while working on becoming a registered midwife in British Columbia. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with child bearing families of Vancouver and cherish the relationships that have developed.

My greatest dream of all came true January 2005 when I gave birth to my own baby- Spencer. The journey through pregnancy, birth and parenting has been extremely fascinating and has enhanced my practice as a midwife. I believe everyone should be provided with the best of care in this important part of their life. I truly love what I do and look forward to supporting women, their partners, and families through the journey of birth…and beyond- into life with their new baby.