In preparation for your first visit we ask that you please review the following information. Please print your exercise and food logs and the pregnancy questionnaire package and bring to your initial visit. Instructions to get to the clinic are at the bottom of this page.

How to reach the midwife

Exercise Log

Food Log

Pregnancy Questionnaire

1st Trimester Handout

Top Tips for Pregnancy

Genetic Screening Options

BC Perinatal Services: Genetic Screening Options

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Genetic Screening Tests – Decision Aid Brochure

Getting to the Clinic:

Entering the clinic:
Facing the waterfall from 2nd Ave, please walk to the buzzer to the right and you will be able to call up (dial 1131). Our administrator will buzz you up and then please walk across the courtyard (now to the left of the waterfall) and up the elevator opposite where you buzzed. (Do not go up the elevator beside the buzzer)

Turn right out the elevator doors and walk through the set of doors, our office is the first door on the left.